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Handmade icons and more...
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Handmade icons and graphics for crafters of all types
>>> Under construction <<<

  • At present time, anyone is allowed to post icons, banners, buttons, wallpapers, profile layouts, journal layouts, signature tags, color bars, etsy banners/buttons, blinkies or any other graphic they have made, as long as it is related to handmade items.

  • Graphics must be original and should not be redistributed.

  • Graphics must be credited and resources must be noted either in the posts or somewhere easily located on the graphic maker's journal.

  • Requests are allowed, but please be sure to search through tags prior to requesting. There are no guarantees requests will be fulfilled at this time as we have no permanent makers.

  • Promotions for other related communities MUST be made by the mod. No spam is allowed.

  • Membership is open.

  • Posts are to be left public and no post is allowed to link back to personal journals or other communities.

  • All graphics will be stored in posts here. Please contact a moderator if you need storage space.

  • Graphics are not to be removed after a certain period of time, but are to remain available at all times.

New to the community? Help us out:

  • List the crafts you make here.

  • Have a suggestion? Want to share a crafty link? Share your ideas here!

  • Stop by and fill out a poll.

Please contact a moderator if you would like to have a community listed as an affiliate.

Super Cool Links:

London's Letters - great original fonts by fire_sister

Layout Credit
Current layout is Alpine for You in Red by thefulcrum

>>> Under construction <<<